Today, the corporate finance area is the most interconnected with all parts of the company. DocFinance, now, is a Fintech HUB able to provides its customers with all benefits of full integration between particular technological services and our company treasury management and commercial credit management software.


Main Italian banking group which, thanks to the BNP Paribas Group, operates in over 70 countries

Why do we work with BNL GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS?

BNL GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS, with over 100 years of history, is one of the main Italian banking groups, with 2.7 million customers and 13 thousand collaborators.

Since 2006 the Bank has been part of the BNP Paribas Group, one of the world leaders in banking and financial services.

BNP Paribas is an international group present in more than 70 countries with over 198 thousand collaborators, of which over 149 thousand in Europe where it operates in four domestic markets: France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The expertise of the BNP Paribas Group and its specialized companies allows BNL to offer a further wide and innovative range of products, services and solutions, from traditional to the most innovative, dedicated to the different market segments: retail and private, corporate, small business and Public Administration.

The BNL service integrated with DocFinance is the myhub portal, the new BNL remote banking system.

Full integration

One user interface

Security and digital signature

Bureau Van Dijk

Bureau Van Djik is the owner of the AIDA database which contains all the financial statements of Italian companies

Why do we work with Bureau Van Djik?

Bureau van Dijk – A Moody’s Analytics Company provides economic-financial data of companies, banks and insurance companies all over the world that are immediately comparable and assessable thanks to ratings, financial strength indicators and hundreds of research standard that can be combined to monitor changes in the customer register, to proactively manage risk and identify new potential customer with characteristics similar to their benchmark.

It also allows a complete evaluation of its counterparty thanks to the complete corporate structures of effective owner to analyze customers and suppliers by comparing them with PEP lists and penalties, in response to compliance regulations, and to better manage the reputational and counterparty risk

Native integration with DocCredit

Automated access to the balance sheet database

Commercial information of its customers integrated into its information system


Simple international payments

Why do we work with Corpay?

The CorpayDirect platform is a consolidated and user-friendly tool (easy, intuitive and understandable), it is safe and flexible. The customer has direct access to the platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with changes always in real time. It automates payments by integrating existing financial and accounting systems.  Customers need to convert and send funds instantly, pre-book businesses or make payments worldwide. A team of professionals works to identify and minimize exposure and mitigate risk from the floating FX market

Automation of international collection and payments

24/24 operativity with real-time exchange rates on more than 100 currencies

SWIFT message availability directly on the platform


Corporate multi-banking service embedded inside DocFinance

 Why do we work with Credemtel?

Credemtel is the Credem Group company active since 1989 in the offer of Digital Services and Electronic Document Management, Supply Chain and Interbank Corporate Banking projects.

Credemtel’s proposal consists of modular solutions and involves minimal initial investments, with the aim of triggering a digitalization process that allows its customers to optimize and secure their procedures, maximize efficiency and reduce costs and operational risks.

The offer is characterized by a strong customer orientation, each new company is assisted by the sales network and by a group of designers able to customize individual modules based on specific needs, creating a customized product. In the following phases, the customer has the constant support of our Customer Care who provides qualified assistance and which represents our flagship

Complete integration of banking service inside your TMS

Digital signature and integrated security in TMS

Unique user interface

Credit Safe

Multinational company working in the Business Information sector

Why do we work with Creditsafe?

Creditsafe, a multinational company working in the Business Information sector, was founded in 1997 in Oslo, Norway.

The entrepreneurial momentum generated by the nascent internet technology has allowed it to grow and expand all over the world, opening 24 offices in 14 countries, spread over three continents.

Thanks to worldwide data coverage and easy and immediate access to the information requested, Creditsafe now has over 115,000 customers and 220 million reports consulted every year, establishing itself as the most used business information provider in the world

Native integration with DocCredit

Contribution of its customer’s payment experience

Dedicated price list


Founded in 1984 is specialized in publishing payments and cash management software. They provide a bank connectivity solution for SME’s and international groups.

Why do we work with Exalog?

They are independent: Service provided by Exalog doesn’t lie to any bank If you decide to change your banking partner , you don’t lose any data and you can continue work with the same solution.

Security: The solution guarantees user authentication, data privacy and integrity and service availability.

Transparency: Companies that choose Exalog service know exactly what they are buying and what they will pay. Their fees are clear and published online

Complete integration

Integrated security

Clear and defined process


Findynamic is the first Italian company that provides a Dynamic Discounting service through a digital platform.

Why do we work with Findynamic?

FinDynamic, born in 2016 within the Polihub, is a European leader in innovative Supply Chain Finance solutions (Dynamic Discounting, Confirming, Reverse Factoring and Receivables Financing) and allows companies to generate economic value through the efficient use of their liquidity.

With a market share of over 85%, more than 200 active programs and over 18,000 suppliers involved, its solutions are highly integrated with the management system, with DocFinance and with the portfolio management systems of banking institutions.

Plug&Play activation

No integration cost


Leading European full-service provider of financial market solutions

Why do we work with Infront?

Infront, with over 500 employees, is a flexible financial market solutions provider with 3,600 customers in Europe and South Africa.

Specifically, it offers, through the use of terminals and feeds, a powerful combination of data, news and analysis of the global market as well as solutions for portfolio management and consultancy and tools for exporting and managing dynamic data on Excel.

With Infront services, financial professionals can manage investment decisions, reduce costs, adapt to changing market needs and work more efficiently with ever-increasing amounts of information quickly, easily and flexibly

Financial information fully integrated into the TMS

Online data always available

Custom packages for specific needs

Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo

Integrated Corporate banking service that allows you to communicate with all the banks of the CBI circuit

Why do we work with Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo?

Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the main banking groups in Europe, committed to supporting the economy in the countries in which it operates, through a sustainable and responsible approach to business.

They propose as a global partner at the service of Corporate, Public Finance and Financial Institutions customers, on a national and international basis, standing out for a historical presence on the financial markets and an extensive and innovative offer.

Always they are alongside customers with a dedicated approach, a consolidated experience and an international dimension to offer them the best advice in risk management  and to accompany them in their development through change by identifying opportunities offered by the market.

Full integration with inBiz service

Signature services integrated into the treasury

Quick and easy activation

Tas Group

Italian leader in solutions and services for Payment Systems and Financial Markets, present in Europe, the USA and Latin America

Why do we work with TAS Group?

The Service Bureau offered by TAS Group is managed by specialists certified by SWIFT and offers value-added features to simplify communication between the company and world-wide banks

Integrated process

Technological upgrade included in the service

Reachability of all banks globally

Western Union Business Solutions

Global leader in international corporate payments

Why do we work with Western Union Business Solutions?

Western Union Business Solutions supports companies of any size and in any sector to consolidate their results, with fast and convenient payment solutions and with customized exchange risk management strategies.

Payments in over 130 currencies

Tailored products about exchange rate risk management

Exchange rate risk management platform integrated with DocFinance


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