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DocFinance is the most widely used treasury solution in Italy, integrated with more than 300 ERP systems as well as the Italian and international banking systems. It automates collection and payment processes, records accounting items for bank transactions and manages financial contracts. DocFinance is suitable for individual companies or groups, to improve efficiency and for online financial situations. Goals & Time! 

Trade credit risk and customer ratings

DocCredit simplifies trade credit management thanks to counterparty rating, shared debt collection —integrated with business information providers, the ERP system and the CRM— SFido web for over exposure, assignment of judicial debt recovery, online management reporting! The turning point of Credit!


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March, 2023


by AdviseOnly (online magazine)

After the case of the Silicon Valley Bank, a new negative scenario is opening up for the banking sector: even Credit Suisse, one of the main banking groups in the world, is experiencing quite a few problems with losing securities.

Management admitted there were "material weaknesses" and the president of Saudi National Bank, Credit Suisse's largest shareholder, said it would not provide additional liquidity to the bank.

To find out more, read the article "Dopo SVB, anche Credit Suisse sotto pressione. Ma per fortuna c’è la banca centrale" published by AdviseOnly magazine.

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