Clearer financial flows with DocFinance: the General Auto case

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How to innovate your treasury to have predictable cash flows, automated operations and grow your business

So many companies fail to develop the management of their treasury because of the limitations of spreadsheets: they’re not designed for treasury needs and thus limit the business’s growth, and indeed force you to use a slow, rigid and error-prone working method.

Excel is an application for general use, and therefore offers a system that can’t help companies optimize their liquidity and reliably forecast cash flow. It can’t automate low-value transactions and it doesn’t offer a comprehensive overview of the treasury.
All this can change with DocFinance.

Download the white paper and learn how General Auto was able to transform its financial management. Thanks to DocFinance, the company was able to:

•    Automate repetitive financial transactions.
•    Improve customer service through an easy-to-access history.
•    Focus the work of staff on activities critical to the core business.
•    Implement an efficient working method.

The treasury can be the driving force behind seizing business opportunities. Don't wait any longer.

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