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Il nostro Team è in continua crescita ed è presente in tutto il territorio nazionale. Accompagnare un'azienda al raggiungimento dei loro obiettivi è un lavoro estremamente sfidante, permette di entrare in contatto con diverse realtà. Cerchiamo persone fortemente motivate e che hanno voglia di mettersi in gioco. La presenza nel Team di DocFinance è di lungo periodo.

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Our team is continuously growing and is located throughout Italy. Helping a company achieve its goals is an extremely challenging task, bringing you into contact with a wide variety of people and situations. We’re looking for highly motivated people who are willing to put themselves to the test. DocFinance is interested in establishing long-term relationships with its staff.

What are our requirements?

o    Knowing how to get things done, getting to the root of the matter.
o    Being well prepared and continuing to increase your  expertise. 
o    Being agile, fast and certain of the results.
o    Showing the same level of commitment and enthusiasm for companies both large and small.
o    Coordinating all partners involved.

If you share these values, you're the right person for us!


31 %
Women on the team
42 anni
Average age
+10 %
Growth rate over

the last 3 years

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DocFinance continues to grow. We’re always looking for new talent. Submit an application and join the DocTeam. We look forward to working with you!