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July, 2024

"Pensaci ancora. Il potere di sapere ciò che non sai"

by Adam Grant

This book explores how questioning one’s opinions is a useful strategy for distinguishing ourselves in work and life.

"In a rapidly changing world, there is another set of cognitive abilities that may be more important: the ability to rethink and unlearn."

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June, 2024

"Rumore. Un difetto del ragionamento umano"

by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony e Cass R. Sunstein

"Where is a decision, a judgment, a prediction, there is noise."

This book is an interesting research that demonstrates how wherever you exercise human judgment - as in business strategies or daily decisions - there lies noise to divert reasoning and cause errors and that explains to readers how to recognize and control its influence on all our decisions.

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May, 2024

"Profit first"

by Mike Michalowicz

Profit first is alternative book full case studies, practical examples and best practices to follow to support small and medium-sized companies to make profits without sacrificing growth. Reviewing the concept of profit to which we are accustomed, Mike Michalowicz provides insights to try to simplify accounting, break down debts and keep expenses under control.

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April, 2024

"Le tue prossime 5 mosse. L'arte di fare affari"

by Patrick Bet-David

What do successful entrepreneurs and chess grandmasters have in common?
The ability to look at the pieces on the board and anticipate the next five moves.

An inspirational text in which the author describes a methodology applicable in every context and by every entrepreneur to achieve increasingly ambitious goals: defining clear objectives and anticipating problems, communicating one's uniqueness and cultivating talents, creating an efficient team and developing a winning corporate culture.

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March, 2024

"Le signore non parlano di soldi. Quanto ci costa la disparità di genere?"

by Azzurra Rinaldi

In this captivating essay, the author addresses issues such as gender discrimination, unpaid care, economic violence, emancipation.


"To achieve the changes we deserve, we need everyone to become aware of the problem... It is only on the assumption that the system in which we all live is not the best possible, that we can move together towards a fairer, fairer model that guarantees us both greater well-being."

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February, 2024

"Né intelligente né artificiale. Il lato oscuro dell'IA"

by Kate Crawford

In this book, Kate Crawford addresses the theme of AI explaining how it is not something abstract but implies a materiality that requires productive infrastructure and specific data centers that are fundamental to make it work and that requires huge amounts of natural resources and human labor as well as affecting the lives of billions of people.

"Its feasibility and sustainability therefore depend on the limits that we can put to its power."

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January, 2024

"Si cresce solo per entusiasmo: Un esperimento entusiasmante che ha coinvolto 1000 imprenditori e manager"

by Mario Alessandro Sala

The book "Si cresce solo per entusiasmo: Un esperimento entusiasmante che ha coinvolto 1000 imprenditori e manager" deals with the interesting theme of enthusiasm to understand this phenomenon within himself and to learn how to arouse it. Everything begins from being able to excite those around us.

"Is there a brand, a company, a professional, a product, a service, an offer ... that really excites you?"
This is the question that has been addressed to over a thousand entrepreneurs and managers and that the author also addresses to the reader.

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December, 2023

"The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer"

by Steven Kotler

In “The art of the impossible. A Peak Performance Primer", Steven Kotler takes up and retraces the neuroscientific studies according to which the human body and mind are designed to function at higher levels than those we usually use. He identifies a practical path that guides the reader to discovery of how motivation, correct objectives, rapid learning, creativity and the ability to exploit the state of flow are the imperatives to transform the impossible into reality.


We can, according to the author, consider the impossible as a radical form of innovation.

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March, 2023


by AdviseOnly (online magazine)

After the case of the Silicon Valley Bank, a new negative scenario is opening up for the banking sector: even Credit Suisse, one of the main banking groups in the world, is experiencing quite a few problems with losing securities.

Management admitted there were "material weaknesses" and the president of Saudi National Bank, Credit Suisse's largest shareholder, said it would not provide additional liquidity to the bank.

To find out more, read the article "Dopo SVB, anche Credit Suisse sotto pressione. Ma per fortuna c’è la banca centrale" published by AdviseOnly magazine.

Read the full article >>

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September, 2022

"Gestionale personalizzato, adozione graduale: il caso di successo CIRFOOD"

by DocFinance

Download our white paper and discover the success story of CIRFOOD!

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