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February, 2024

"Né intelligente né artificiale. Il lato oscuro dell'IA"

by Kate Crawford

In this book, Kate Crawford addresses the theme of AI explaining how it is not something abstract but implies a materiality that requires productive infrastructure and specific data centers that are fundamental to make it work and that requires huge amounts of natural resources and human labor as well as affecting the lives of billions of people.

"Its feasibility and sustainability therefore depend on the limits that we can put to its power."

Enjoy the reading
January, 2024

"Si cresce solo per entusiasmo: Un esperimento entusiasmante che ha coinvolto 1000 imprenditori e manager"

by Mario Alessandro Sala

The book "Si cresce solo per entusiasmo: Un esperimento entusiasmante che ha coinvolto 1000 imprenditori e manager" deals with the interesting theme of enthusiasm to understand this phenomenon within himself and to learn how to arouse it. Everything begins from being able to excite those around us.

"Is there a brand, a company, a professional, a product, a service, an offer ... that really excites you?"
This is the question that has been addressed to over a thousand entrepreneurs and managers and that the author also addresses to the reader.

Enjoy the reading
December, 2023

"The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer"

by Steven Kotler

In “The art of the impossible. A Peak Performance Primer", Steven Kotler takes up and retraces the neuroscientific studies according to which the human body and mind are designed to function at higher levels than those we usually use. He identifies a practical path that guides the reader to discovery of how motivation, correct objectives, rapid learning, creativity and the ability to exploit the state of flow are the imperatives to transform the impossible into reality.


We can, according to the author, consider the impossible as a radical form of innovation.

Enjoy the reading
November, 2023

"Flow. Psicologia dell’esperienza ottimale"

by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi

People achieve maximum happiness when they are in a state of "flow", that is, complete concentration and absorption in an activity.
In this book, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi explains this important concept and tells how, with awareness and the right knowledge, the optimal experience can be sought and controlled until it becomes a tool for freeing resources that allow you to give your best.

If we associate a powerful purpose with our existence, the author argues, then we reach the highest state of happiness we can experience.

Enjoy the reading
October, 2023

"Così bravo che non potranno ignorarti. Perché la competenza batte la passione nel costruire il lavoro dei tuoi sogni"

by Cal Newport

How many times have we heard phrases like "The only way to do good work is to love what you do?"

In this book, Newport explains how the elements that matter most to having a fulfilling career are others, such as the creativity required by the role, the impact that our work produces and the control we have over how to carry out our task. A perspective that teaches us how to have control over our careers and achieve professional satisfaction.

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September, 2023

"Come funziona davvero il mondo. Energia, cibo, ambiente, materie prime: le risposte della scienza"

by Vaclav Smil

In this book the writer describes the mechanisms that allow our well-being by imagining a possible future for us. Smil maintains, in fact, that to tackle any problem efficiently it is necessary to know the facts and start from the data.


"I'm neither a pessimist nor an optimist, I'm just a scientist trying to explain how the world really works."


Enjoy the reading
May, 2022

"The Infinite Game"

by Simon Sinek

Have you ever heard of "infinite games" and the relative difference with "finite games"?
In this book, Simon Sinek explains the theory of infinite games and claims that in infinite games, such as business, politics or life, the players and the rules are changeable and there is no clear goal unlike what happens in finished games.
From this we can see one of the greatest difficulties that most organizations face, which is that those who lead them play an infinite game with a finite mindset.
Instead, what the author proposes is to adopt a new perspective that focuses on the infinite game and therefore is innovative, strong, full of stimuli and motivations.

Enjoy the reading